I'm Sam.

I believe that every human being should experience true love, at least once in his or her life. You deserve to be loved fully, and, moreover, you deserve to love fully. Without holding back. I believe that every relationship, including yours, has the potential to be a safe haven, where you can love and be loved, without holding back. 

I believe that true love in a relationship will create an environment where you can trust each other fully. Where you don't need to hold anything back, but can go for it for 100%. All-in. I believe that trust will create a safe space, where you can surrender, be vulnerable, be completely you, with all your facets, none excluded.

Somehow in this time of always being strong, we forgot how to be vulnerable. We underestimate the power of being soft. Being soft and vulnerable is the opposite of weak- it's the most powerful thing you can do- and a sign of true love and complete trust. 

I believe that there are many ways to create that trust and connection, and that creating it by daring to be open and vulnerable and trusting in your intimate, physical relationship, is powerful, and the most fun way to go.  

Dominance and submission create the ultimate environment for this experience. 

Let me help you to create this safe space in your relationship.

I had many relationships, and most of them were quite good. But I never experienced true love, until I met the love of my life, my Master. 

What we created in 3 years in our relationship as Dominant and submissive, goes beyond everything I ever imagined. 

And I want you to have that too.

Now it's your turn.

You can create a relationship built on trust. Where you can fully thrive. Where you grow. Where you explore. Where you experience deep connection, based on trust and intimacy. And all of this happens, while you're having tons of fun in the bedroom. So, yes. Your sex life will also get a boost. Isn't that the most fun way to work on a relationship, by doing something that is fun and exciting and a major turn on? 

Let me be your guide. 

I coached, educated and trained hundreds of people on their life, work, business, and relationships. I went very deep in my training and education. This will give you the best of two worlds.