How To Do A Sexy StripTease And Seduce Your Partner

Stripping your clothes... and your masks

What is your biggest challenge in keeping your relationship passionate? 

Having not enough time? Kids? Work? Lack of creativity? Boredom? 

Of course, your relationship is boring, compared to the beginning. It happens to any relationship! And don't say that yours isn't, even the most exciting relationships know their routines and become more predictable. 

There is nothing wrong with it. It's nice- all the time having to think about it is way too hard work, we need routines! Imagine that you had to think about brushing your teeth all the time. 

Spicing it up- with a striptease

The point is not that you don't want to change it, right? It's having time (well. Prioritizing it). But even that is not the point. If you knew what to do to make it a bit more spicy and predictable, wouldn't that change a lot for you? 

Here's a tip for a fun night. You can do it all on your own, prepare it alone, and surprise your partner with it. yes, it requires planning, but trust me, planning is the secret to an exciting sex life again:) 

Go and do a striptease! And not like... oh, I am wearing clothes and I'm gonna take them off in a sexy way. Of course that's nice. But if you want to make your partner lick their fingers because they really, really want to bite YOU, you do it slightly different. And enjoy the anticipation along the way!


Striptease? WHY?? 

Yep, a Striptease. Because in a striptease, you are stripping. Meaning you take away your clothes, one by one. Layer after layer. But it's not just your clothes. You are vulnerable, exposed... showing your partner all of you. And guys... this is not just for your woman, you can do this too!! If you read this, trust me: this can give her a real boost, if you dare to be vulnerable for her in this way, showing her how much care and love you put in preparing it, thinking about it, thinking about her... 

How To Do A Striptease

A Striptease sounds scary maybe. But you don't have to make it very complicated.

  • Find good music, that gets you in the right mood. 
  • Find good clothes, that are easy to take off. 
  • Practice. Find a few good moves, and practice. 
  • Use slow moves. Slow is sensual, and it looks impressive quickly. 
  • Emphasize your Assets. 
  • Make sure you enjoy the process. It might be a great idea to share your plans with your partner, so they'll know that you're away, practicing your striptease that you're gonna perform for them. 
  • A striptease can be a very submissive act. Tell your submissive to prepare a striptease for you, and support them in their practice, of course without giving away what they'll do. 


A striptease is not just a striptease! There are many, many different ways to play with it, and I created 3 different assignments for you: a kinky assignment (an evening program so to say), a kinky ritual (something to perform every day for a week) and a kinky game (a game you can play, combined with cards, dice, etc. where I go all the way creative to make sure you have a fantastic evening). Wanna have them? Click on the link! From 17,- for 7,- 🙂

Play with passion!


Think back to the last time you ever did a striptease. What was it like? What was challenging, what was exciting, what was a turn on? Let me know in the comments box below- and the best comment gets the assignments for free!  

Can't wait to hear your experiences! Let me know your thoughts in the comments, I will always read and react. Play with passion!

Kinky Sam Jones

Get all 52 assignment bundles at once with 50% off!

52 weekly kinky assignments for the daredevils.

Get all 52 assignment bundles at once with 50% off!

52 weekly  Spicy  kinky assignments for the daredevils.

Get all 52 assignment bundles at once with 50% off!

52 weekly kinky assignments for the daredevils.

Get all 52 assignment bundles at once with 50% off!

52 weekly  Spicy  kinky assignments.

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