Are you always looking for ways to improve your submissive skills? Don't look any further!

7 step submissive slave training

Normally €197, but if you take action NOW, it's only 


7 Steps Introduction submissive slave training

Did you ever:

  • Run out of ideas to train your submissive? Do you feel that responsibility of helping her grow, as a submissive and as a person?
  • Try to find ideas online but came back to the same topics over and over again?
  • Look for a training that goes beyond the superficial and will help you to get into her head? Assignments that work on PURPOSE?
  • Struggle to find a proper way to train your submissive?
  • Want to be trained, but you can’t find anyone YET who wants to?

Then this is the PERFECT submissive slave training for you. 

WHY training yourself/ your submissive sexually? 

I know. BDSM is SO much more than sex. There is so much more to learn. But during this training you will find out that sex is so much more than you ever thought, and we’ll cover a lot more topics. Next to that- if you like sex, than this is just the most fun way to explore.

Discover your own body. 

Getting to know your own body, and listening to it, is good for EVERYONE, but especially when you are in a BDSM relationship. Your body tells you what you love and what not, all you need to discover is what it says.

Train your body. 

You may THINK that pain is not for you. But did you ever dare to try and push it a little bit, in a gentle, safe way? This training will give you the opportunity to try yourself, while you are in control.

Train your submission 

You will get a few different rituals, routines, assignments, tips and techniques to discover what kind of submissive you want to be. What is giving you that fulfilling experience of completely being able to let go?

WHAT Do You Get…

  • You become well aware of the language of your body.
  • Rituals that really take you into submission
  • Assignments to explore pain and humiliation
  • Assignments to explore your sexuality
  • While increasing your self confidence and self awareness

HOW Does it Work...

There are 7 steps in the training. Follow the steps in your own pace. As soon as you are finished with an assignment, you can click on the button to get you the next assignment. It’s possible that there is an assignment that really doesn’t fit you. You can always skip it (if you have a Dom- you’ll have to ask for permission, of course).

For Doms: don’t push your submissive beyond what is safe for them. Make clear agreements upfront. Also- feel free to adjust the assignments to make them perfectly fitting for your submissive.

Here’s what is covered in the course:

#1 - Kinks list

#2 - Rituals

#3 - Orgasm Control

#4 - Pain

#5 - Humiliation

#6 - Submission

#7 - Oral Service

#8 - Anal (uh-oh...)

#9 - Completion

Do you dare to take this challenge?

If you dare to take this offer, I’m gonna give you something really awesome as a bonus!

I am writing a book- called Sex, Truth and Freedom. It describes my journey from puritan girl to proud sex slave. It’s in the editing phase, so it needs a little bit of rework. But- if you dare to take this challenge, you will get the book FOR FREE! 


I'm a dom, would this be interesting to buy this so i can train my submissive?

Absolutely. This is not just a bunch of random assignments, I explain why I created the specific assignment, and give you clear instructions. also on how to adjust them for your submissive, because I believe that 

What if i am already very experienced? 

Then some of the assignments might be a bit... meh... for you. But I think you'll like them anyway. I don't know about you, but I don't need to challenge myself all the time, and doing something new is definitely exciting too. And to be honest- there are quit a few, such as the orgasm control, that you'll love anyway. This training is supposed to give you insights in what you love and not. If you did all of them, you probably have a good insight. But if not- then you might get some interesting insights too! I'd say give it a try:) 

what if i really don't like one of the assignments?

That's totally fine. Nobody tells you you HAVE to do them. But- if you have a Dom, you should ask them for permission. But don't worry. The assignments are for you to explore, they're not very intense, and I would suggest to at least give them a try. If you find out that you are not up to that specific assignment, then leave it. But- take the time to report- to yourself or your Dom, so you take it as a learning experience! 

can i do these assignments alone?

Absolutely! All these assignments are designed to do them alone, but, if you are with your Dom, it's of course a lot more fun to do them together, or when they are watching you. Have fun! 

I'm an owned submissive, can i do this without my master's permission?

You can, but I am not sure if that would fit in your relationship, to do something like this without permission. They would probably like to be involved. My Master definitely would not appreciate it if I would follow this training without asking him first. 

I'm a submissive, but i am not owned. can i follow this training?

Absolutely. All the assignments can be done alone. 

Is this program for men or for women?

Good question. These assignments are written for women. However- as a man you can definitely follow the program. It might need a bit of creativity for you to translate them, but there are no specific female topics in this training. (There might be in others)