Would You Like More Passion and Fun in your Relationship? 

I believe that any relationship can benefit from a bit of kink and power exchange. When you play with power, you have to communicate, it is vulnerable and therefor very, very intimate. 

Are you curious if there might be a Dominant or Submissive side in you, then do the test! 

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Have fun! And play with passion. 

What can you find here

All my content is meant to help you create more intimacy, more fun, more passion into your Power Exchange Dynamic.

Here's how to get started

Deciding to explore a Dominant/ submissive power exchange in your relationship, is exciting, and at the same time scary as fuck.

Giving your power away, to your partner, accepting your partner’s submission, are the deepest, connecting, intimate, trustful decisions you can ever make in a relationship.

It will get your relationship to a higher level.

Find here HOW to do this safe, while getting the most out of the both of you. Check out the section below to find out how you can both thrive, as a Dom and as a submissive.

Would you like a bit of power exchange?

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Here's how to play with power in the bedroom

Ready to be Trained as a Submissive/ Train Your Sub?

You can learn how to deepthroat!

30 day intensive training with fun assignments

Hey, I'm Sam

Somehow- in my dominant, working life, I forgot how to be vulnerable, feminine, soft. Being soft and vulnerable is the opposite of weak- it's powerful.

Submitting to a partner created the ultimate environment to experience this. Exchanging power in a relationship - giving it away as well as taking up that responsibility, creates intimacy, trust and connection that goes deeper than anything else.

What I learned in 4 years exploring power exchange, dominance and submission, goes beyond everything I ever imagined.

I grew into the sexiest, most powerful, self-confident and FREE version of myself.

And where playing in the bedroom trained my bedroom skills- it ALSO trained my personal skills:  I learned to finish what I started, to be persistent, less sloppy (big thing for me), and to work from my heart.

I started to become very creative in connecting sexy, arousing assignments to personal issues and learned how to keep my sexual energy up- giving me lots of energy and zest. I felt so alive! And believe me if I say that this influences relationships big time- in a good way! Your partner looks different if you're aroused, true or not? 

I believe there are many ways to grow, but growing by playing in the bedroom is definitely the most fun one. Let my experience and assignments help you to grow too… in the most exciting way possible.

Have fun- and PLAY WITH PASSION!

What my students are saying

" Your happiness and love reflects in your eyes. That's why we like your videos. Giving what she needs is my way of expressing love. Giving it when least expected, putting in uncomfortable situation, punishing or rewarding depending on action. It is a responsibility. And it feels good to give. The cuddling after spanking! Wiping her tears of joy. The sense of belonging."

Straight Razor


" Thanks for all the uploads explaining bdsm culture, I've since shared your channel with my BF and now he's getting ideas ; haha I subbed :3"

Emma Heist


"love your channel, very educational."

Dr. Sharmin Sultana


"This has now become my morning meditation"

Charlotte Hope

(regarding the affirmations for submissives)